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The Six Catechetical Hymns of Martin Luther

This post is taken from The Hymns of Martin Luther, with historical summaries authored by Henry V. Gerike and edited by Peter C. Reske.

Music can be a powerful teaching tool, and Luther knew that well. By teaching his parishioners hymns about the Ten Commandments or the persons of the Trinity, he could reinforce Christianity’s essential teachings in a memorable and moving way. Learn about his six catechetical hymns below, and at the end of the post, you can download a set of devotions based on the hymns.

Lesser-Known Tidbits about Favorite Reformation Hymns

What’s the legend behind the tune for “Thy Strong Word”? What influenced the writing of “Lord, Keep Us Steadfast”? Learn these tidbits and more about some of the most well-known Reformation hymns.

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