You Are Qualified to Teach the Faith at Home

“As the head of the family should teach … ” 

Teaching at home is a concept that has rocked the world of young families this year. Honestly, not even simply teaching at home, but being at home while trying to navigate the rest of life is a lot of work!

Cultivating Diversity in the Classroom

A diverse classroom fosters a safe space for launching outreach. Our schools serve as outposts to the community, often providing our neighbors’ first interactions with God’s people. The “diversity” buzzword is not new to education, as many teachers, administrators, and homeschool parents have been working to incorporate diversity into the classroom for years.

Best Practices for Schools Moving to Online Learning

Over the course of the last month, schools throughout the Unites States and the world have found themselves in a situation never before seen in history. In the proverbial blink of an eye, educational institutions were forced to completely reimagine how to teach when students could no longer be physically present in the classroom. Almost overnight, “online learning” became the most widely searched-for educational buzzword, and administrators, teachers, students, and parents alike were left scrambling to find how to best make this new method of learning work.

The Importance of Jesus Time

A new third grade teacher in Wisconsin, Monica was in the process of getting her classroom ready this summer when she began going through the books she inherited from previous teachers. Her classroom had no Jesus time books, and her set of hymnals had clearly been well-loved by children for many years (we all know how hymnals get toted to chapel).

Teaching the Difference Between Redemption and Salvation

“Redemption” and “salvation” are two words which many unbelievers and even Christians throw around interchangeably, supposing that they both refer to the same concept: that God makes it possible for us to go to heaven.

Teaching Concealed in a Literature Classroom

Hi there. My name is Lisa Clark, and I am a teacher at heart. I can’t help but approach most things in life from a teaching point of view. And while I miss those days I spent with teenagers in my classroom, the beauty is that I’m still finding ways that I can teach, especially with my new series, The Messengers. You know that already, don’t you? We teach all the time, in a huge variety of environments! Whether in a church, classroom, youth group, book club, homeschool, or coffee shop setting, so many Messengers have told me that they’ve enjoyed teaching Discovered to others, and to one another.

Teaching Difficult Bible Stories

There are certain Bible stories pretty much everybody loves teaching: the days of creation, the fiery furnace, Jesus calming the stormy sea, the Christmas story. Sunday School 101.

Ideas for Celebrating Baptism Birthdays

Stickers. Pencils. Trinkets. Been there, done that. How can a baptismal birthday celebration reflect the significance of the event? Consider ten ideas that could be used monthly in your Sunday School or elementary school classroom. Have a party and invite your community of believers!

Teaching Discovered in Your Religion Class

Teachers have been tweeting, texting, messaging, and emailing me about ways to teach Discovered in their classrooms. For a teacher who suffers from occasional classroom withdrawal, this engagement with fellow educators is downright thrilling! I love knowing that some of your students across the nation will be using my new novel to learn about their world and their God, who created it.

Teaching Discovered in Literature Classrooms

My novel Discovered, in The Messengers series, has been out for a few weeks now, and I have loved hearing feedback from people with all kinds of backgrounds. One theme that I often hear is this: “How do I share this book?” The context might be a book club, a youth group, a classroom, or social media. This question excites my former-teacher self, and I start thinking of ways for me to help you get the word out about The Messengers and the message it contains.

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