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Beth Schultz

Beth Schultz is a preschool teacher at Bethany Lutheran Church and School in Naperville, Illinois. Since beginning teaching in 2012, she has loved working with all age groups: in middle school and youth group theater, primary grades teaching or VBS sessions, and preschool activities. She loves sharing different experiences with her students to expand their knowledge (like keeping reptiles in the classroom). Most of all, she is blessed to share the message of Christ with children and their families every single day through school and her opportunities to write through CPH.

Recent Posts by Beth Schultz

Praying for and with Children

Download Prayer CalendarPraying for children and praying with children gives you the opportunity to serve and to build a relationship with them. By modeling how to pray, you can remind them that Jesus is their friend and will guide them as they spend time in prayer.

Capturing Kids' Attention in Bible Lessons

Imagine with me for a moment: you are in a fishing competition. You must win by catching the biggest fish! You are sitting in your boat on a quiet lake brimming with fish (the other competitors are somewhere else—don’t worry about them). You know this moment is big. You look over everything in your tackle box. You decide to throw an empty line of string into the water with nothing on it. What?! No! You won’t catch anything with an empty line! A fisherman knows what lures and bait to secure to a hook to make sure to catch that award-winning fish.