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How to Use Cross Explorations in Sunday School (and Beyond)

Sunday morning will be here before you know it, and that means you’ve got to find a way to engage your students. Teaching your children the Word of God and sharing the Gospel with them is undoubtedly your goal. Yet, some sort of crafts, games, and activities need to be incorporated, lest your students decide that they are bored and disinterested.

How are you supposed to create fun, valuable Sunday School lessons week after week?

Figuring out how to engage your Sunday School students and teach them about God’s love can be a challenge! Cross Explorations is a Sunday School program that fuses learning and fun in a variety of ways. Here are some tips to use Cross Exploration to its fullest potential in your church and school.

Be Picky

Opening up your Cross Explorations box is a lot like walking up to a buffet. It’s full of good things, but you might not know where to begin! For each lesson, Cross Explorations provides teaching points, music, skits, activities, science experiments, games, and more. If you’re an experienced teacher, you know that this is quite a tall order for a single session. Cross Explorations includes a variety of options for each lesson so that you can select what you would like to use for your own Sunday school class.

In other words, you can be picky! You wouldn’t want to try to eat every item at a buffet, and you also shouldn’t try to do every available Cross Explorations activity in one week. If you squeeze too many activities in to one lesson, the students won’t have time to enjoy the things you do. Instead, choose a few items per week and save other options for the weeks to come. Of course, the most important thing is to be sure that your “Read” Bible narrative section is the focal point for your lesson.

Take Ownership

With such a variety of options to choose from, you can personalize your lesson to really fit your Sunday school class.

Do you notice that your students have a lot of energy? Incorporate the games and activities.

Do your students love to talk about movies and shows? Use the skit option to give them a chance to be actors and actresses.

Whatever your students love, use it to make your Sunday School lessons hit home. With a little planning, you can turn a good lesson into a great one that your students will love and remember.

A sample lesson using Cross Explorations may look something like this:

  • Group Opening with the Engage CD
    • Songs with PowerPoint lyrics slides
    • Invocation and opening sentences (with student handouts)
    • Opening prayer
  • Dive in to God’s Word with the Explore leaflets
    • Break in to small groups (or stay as one group if you have fewer students and/or volunteers)
    • Hand out leaflets and ask the introduction questions
    • Read through the Bible Passage in the “Read” section
    • Discuss the passage, and follow the “Look” and “Find” sections
  • Use the group activity options from the Express Activities and More CD

Keep in mind that this is just a sample! Use your creativity and mix things around. For example, you can put a science demonstration before your Engage portion, or wait to discuss the Bible story until after a skit. There’s plenty of room to personalize.

Use Cross Explorations for more than Sunday!

Cross Explorations may come in a box, but you don’t have to box it in! Instead of saving Cross Explorations exclusively for Sunday mornings, you can use the materials any day of the week. Midweek lessons or family events are great times to use materials from the “Activities and More CD.” You can do a craft or incorporate a snack idea at any time of the week. If you’re a schoolteacher, you can play the songs on the “Express Music CD” during the day, when students are doing individual or group work. With so much in one kit, there’s plenty of opportunity to use this Sunday School material on every day of the week!

As you go about the coming weeks, don’t be afraid to mix things up and see what your students love! No matter what day of the week you’re using Cross Explorations or what activities you use, you’re sure to have a great time teaching God’s children about His love for them in Christ Jesus!

If you would like to see a simple explanation of Cross Explorations, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GCE_jlwKQQ



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