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Youth and Adult Bible Study Ideas for Mighty Fortress VBS

We are seeing so many great posts and pictures about your children's VBS experience with Mighty Fortress, that we thought we'd put together a mighty good list of Mighty Fortress and Reformation-themed Bible study materials that may be useful in youth and adult studies.

God's Word for Today

God's Word for Today helps students further explore the books of the Bible. The 5 resources listed below directly relate to the Bible stories in Mighty Fortress, focusing on God's saving might and the victory won in Jesus. Background information on the book, tips for leaders, and discussion starters are also provided.

  • Lesson 1 - God’s Might Tumbles Jericho’s Walls, Joshua, pp. 21-31

  • Lesson 2 - God Delivers King Hezekiah’s Kingdom, 1st & 2nd Kings, pp. 40-51

  • Lesson 3 - God’s Word Reforms King Josiah, 1st & 2nd Kings, pp. 32-36

  • Lesson 4 - King Jesus Enters Jerusalem, Luke, pp. 48-52

  • Lesson 5 - Jesus Wins the Victory, Luke, pp. 56-60

Life's Big Questions, God's Big Answers

God is mighty! The victory has been won! In the spirit of the Reformation, we'd recommend using the following 5 chapters from Life's Big Questions, God's Big Answers as a tool to help equip teens and adults to defend God's Word. Included with the book is a leader guide for you to download.

  • Lesson 1 - Chapter 1 Are You Ready to Defend Your Faith?

  • Lesson 2 - Chapter 2 What is a Worldview?

  • Lesson 3 - Chapter 6 Is the Bible True? 

  • Lesson 4 - Chapter 10 Did Jesus Really Exist?

  • Lesson 5 - Chapter 11 What About Jesus’ Death, Resurrection, and Their Effects?

Being Lutheran

Pastor A. Trevor Sutton's recent book is a great read, and, even better, there's a free bible study to go along with it! Don't have time to read the whole book before VBS? No worries! The questions for chapters 1, 3, 5, 7, and 8 still can be used as discussion starters to help get a better idea of what Scripture says and Luther encourages about being mighty defenders of the Word.

Changing Currents: Luther, the Man and the Movie

This Bible study helps students explore the life and work of reformer Martin Luther, as portrayed in the 2003 film, Luther. Discussion questions are included, and reproducible downloads are available for your group.

A Man Named Martin: Parts 1 and 2

These Bible studies, produced by Lutheran Hour Ministries and featuring Lutheran Hour Speaker Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz, Dr. Paul Maier, and additional Lutheran scholars, builds upon the Reformation theme, walking you through the life of Martin Luther and his reformation journey. Each DVD includes a handy digital discussion guide to get groups talking. Part 1 consists of 5 sessions, making it the perfect length for VBS, and the follow-up, Part 2 has 3 sessions.

We hope these assist you in your youth and adult ministry! For your youth, you might also check out the graphic novels, Luther: Echoes of the Hammer, and Katie Luther: Mother of the Reformation. For even more ideas of Reformation-themed books and Bibles, check out our complete collection on cph.org



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