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Concordia Commentary: How to Get a 30% Discount on Every Volume

If you’re a Lutheran and you love teaching Scripture, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the Concordia Commentary series. It’s a series in the making that’s gained a lot of praise for a few key features:

  • It’s completely focused on showing how the Gospel is declared throughout the Bible, book by book, pericope by pericope.
  • It’s firmly rooted in the Lutheran tradition. Your studies are guided by the full council of the LCMS, not by a handful of celebrity theologians.
  • It’s current. We started publishing the Concordia Commentary in 1997. That means many of our volumes are the first truly Lutheran scholarly commentaries of our generation. (For example, we recently finished our volume on 1 Samuel, which is the most current Lutheran scholarly commentary on the book.)

Now, apart from their scholarly, Gospel-centered content, there’s another reason we need to highlight this commentary series: You can get any volume for 30 percent off.

That’s a crazy, crazy deal.

But you know what you need to do to get that discount?

Just tell us that you want it.

(Seriously, that’s it. You don’t have to be a pastor, you don’t have to be a student, and there are no special boxes you need to check to get this discount. All you need to do is tell us that you want it.)

You do this by subscribing.

How the Concordia Commentary subscription works

The process is simple.

  1. You tell us you’d like to subscribe. (It’s as easy as filling out this form or calling in to our customer service team.)
  2. Our customer service folks will set you up with a subscription over the phone.
  3. And just like that, you’re a subscriber, and you can call us at any time to get a 30 percent discount on any Concordia Commentary volume you want.
  4. PLUS, you automatically get every new volume of Concordia Commentary shipped straight to you, hot off the press. And of course, that’s at the same 30 percent discount too.

It’s an incredible deal, and it gives you a host of benefits.

4 reasons you should subscribe to the Concordia Commentary series

Here’s a quick list of the biggest benefits you can get as a subscriber.

1. You save 30 percent on any volume (that’s a $16.50 discount).

Each volume of Concordia Commentary is normally priced at $54.99. But with your subscriber’s discount, that total comes down to only $38.49 per volume. And that’s not a promotional, limited-time special deal either. It never expires. You’ll pay less than $39 per scholarly volume until you decide to drop your subscription.

(But why would you do that?)

2. You’re first in line to get every new volume (at the same discount).

At the time we’re publishing this, the Concordia Commentary series is about halfway complete. So unfortunately, you can’t get every volume from Genesis to Revelation yet.

However, when you’re subscribed, you get every single new volume right away. Twice a year, we’ll automatically ship you a brand-new, hot-off-the-press volume of Concordia Commentary. Our current publishing cadence has one volume from the New Testament coming out every summer and one from the Old Testament coming out every winter. In case you were curious, 1 Samuel, Hebrews, and 2 Samuel are next!

But while everyone else will have to rush to buy their copy (at a higher price!), you’ll get yours mailed right to your door. You won’t have to bother with ordering it at all: you’ll get your new volume, and we’ll charge your card after we’ve shipped it your way.

(Don’t worry: you can cancel at any time.)

3. If you want them all, you’ll save $500.

As of now (fall 2016), there are thirty-one Concordia Commentary volumes available for purchase. That means that if you wanted to go all-in on one of the best Lutheran commentaries on the market, you would save a whopping $500 (and then some).

4. There is no cost to subscribing.

Seriously. The only cost you pay is that of the new volumes that come out and the back-listed volumes you choose.

Bottom line:

If you ever, ever think you’d want another volume of Concordia Commentary, you should subscribe. There is no risk, only reward.

Ready to save 30 percent on a Concordia Commentary?

You have two options for getting started:

  1. Fill out the subscription form on CPH.org. Once that’s done, we’ll follow up with you.
  2. Call our customer service team to subscribe now: (800) 325-3040.

Once you’re subscribed, there’s only one thing left to do: start putting that subscription to work and order all the Concordia Commentary volumes you want!



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