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The Day of Pentecost

As we celebrate the day of Pentecost, we turn to the reading from Acts and read a devotion from The Pentecost Story: Arch Books.

Seventh Sunday of Easter

We dig into the Epistle today, specifically verses 14 and 15, which emphasize that our confidence in prayer comes from the surety of Christ’s promise for our salvation. Our devotion is from Teach Us to Pray.

The Ascension of Our Lord

The Scripture reading we focus on today for our devotion is the Gospel, and we read an excerpt from Concordia Classics: Luke.

Sixth Sunday of Easter

We set our minds on the reading from Acts today, particularly 10:34–38, with a devotion from Popular Commentary of the Bible: New Testament, Volume 1.

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Our focus for today is the reading from Acts, which is the account of Philip and the Ethiopian. We take our devotion from Growing in Christ Adult Bible Study, Spring 2011.

Fourth Sunday of Easter

The psalm of the day is our focus, and our devotion comes from The Twenty-third Psalm: Arch Books.

Third Sunday of Easter

We focus on the Gospel of the day with an excerpt from Concordia Commentary: Luke 9:51–24:53.

Second Sunday of Easter

Our devotion focuses on the Epistle, specifically 1 John 1:2, in which John discusses Jesus’ incarnation and the purpose for His coming. The devotion is from Reformation Heritage Bible Commentary: General Epistles.

Easter Day

Christ is risen! On this glorious day, we read an excerpt from one of Walther’s Easter Day sermons as printed in Gospel Sermons, Volume 1.

Pentecost Tuesday

Today, our devotion continues with the celebration of Pentecost, and we read about Acts 8 in an excerpt from The Big Book of New Testament Questions and Answers.