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Last-Minute Ways to Give Thanks

Reminder: Thanksgiving is this Thursday. Ack. Just like everyone forgot to buy canned pumpkin and will be frantically rushing to the store Wednesday afternoon, you might also be desperately trying to think of ways to give thanks this week.

Without a lot of time to plan an intricate thanksgiving-themed scavenger hunt or organize a city-wide food drive, you still can find small ways to give thanks wherever you’re spending this Thursday!

Giving Thanks At Your Church

If you’re a church worker, you might be in charge of social media for your church. You can create a list of reasons to be thankful, a shareable graphic, or a quick video from your pastor wishing everyone a blessed Thanksgiving (film and schedule ahead of time so you’re not doing it on Thursday).

You can also download a free graphics kit or free Thanksgiving graphics with ready-to-share images for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Giving Thanks On Your Own

While the holidays usually don’t provide a lot of downtime (meaning it’s hard to do your daily devotions), you can take advantage of small moments to give thanks by yourself!

Take some time while you’re traveling, you’re carving the turkey, everyone is napping, or you’re loading the dishwasher. Say a prayer, reflect on God’s good gifts this past year, and ask Him to help you keep Him at the center of your life in the year to come.

Even after you’ve packed up your leftovers from Mom and are back home, take some time to write thank-you notes to special people in your life. Thank them for showing you grace, for supporting you, for being a good friend!

Giving Thanks With Your Family

Whether you’re spending this holiday with your immediate family or gathering with fifty people, there are some easy ways to give thanks without making everyone do a formal activity!

  • While everyone is eating, go around the table and have everyone say one thing they’re thankful for from this past year. (No repeating an answer someone else says!) Encourage everyone to come up with something unique and creative.
  • In that post-turkey haze, when Dad is watching football with his eyes closed and the kids are full of energy from eating whipped cream from the can, do a Thanksgiving craft. Have kids trace their hands on paper and color it to be a turkey (the thumb is the turkey’s head/neck and the other fingers are his feathers). Then, have them write something they’re thankful for on each feather.
  • Color this free prayer sheet, and then say the prayers together before you dig into pie after lunch! 

Download free graphics for your personal or church social media >

Written by

Hannah Osborne

Hannah has been writing, editing, and whistling while she works at CPH since 2016. Growing up in the self-proclaimed bagel capital of the world gave her a deep appreciation of carbs, although nowadays you’ll find her experimenting with vegan recipes in the kitchen, running really slowly, or laughing too loudly.



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