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What Does Mom Really Want?

Mother’s Day is coming up, and social media, store aisles, and radio airwaves will be full of ideas on what you can do to honor that special mom in your life—whether or not she is your own mother. But what does she really want? What will truly bring a smile to her face? Well, let’s consider a few questions first:

How does she show love to you?
How does she spend her time?
What brings a smile to her face on a typical day?

The Servant Mom

All moms serve, but you know the type. She knows two days in advance when you’ll need a special shirt to be washed and ironed. When you’re stressed, she takes on one of your typical chores. As soon as a family friend is sick, she hops in the car with dinner, cough drops, and a bucket of cleaning supplies.

Gift ideas:
Show her the same kind of service! Okay, she might not give up her favorite scrub brush, but think of some of those tasks she doesn’t love to do. Vacuum under the bed. Wash the windows. Better yet, give her a checklist with ten options and ask her to mark down five tasks you’ll finish in a week.

The Cuddly Mom

The scraped knee doesn’t go three seconds without a kiss. A tearful afternoon is remedied by snuggles and story time. This mom shows her love and affection with tickles, head pats, and lots of squeezes.

Gift ideas:
Movie night! Have the whole family slip on their pajamas and pile on the couch for hours of together time. Or surprise her throughout the day with “GROUP HUG!” calls. She’ll appreciate the extra attention and the warm embraces of family.

The Giving Mom
This mom never fails to give the perfect gift. When she’s shopping, she’ll say, “This is perfect for . . .” When she appreciates a kind gesture, she’ll show it with a handmade craft, a gift card for coffee, or a similar thoughtful trinket that will mean something to the recipient.

Gift ideas:
Okay, so it may be intimidating to give a present to someone so gifted in giving, but remember that the thought really does count. Moms who like mementos don’t necessarily need something expensive or materialistic, but she’ll notice when someone thinks of something that was obviously given with her in mind. Big or small, think of a gesture that clearly has her name written all over it.

The Encouraging Mom
This mom will praise you, encourage you, and find kind things to say at just the right time. She’s quick to scold kids with sharp tongues and has a keen sense of when others are feeling down. It’s hard to stay angry for long when this woman is around; she won’t quit trying to bring a smile to your face.

 Gift ideas:
Get out that pen and paper; it’s time to shower Mom with words of appreciation. Grab a family photo and place it with some wide matting. Ask the whole family to write kind things about this special lady. Is everyone spread out over long distances? Pull out the webcams and smartphones to record quick videos about why Mom is so great. You can be sure your words will go a long way as she reads and listens to your messages over and over again.

The Together-Time Mom
Is life getting hectic? Clear the calendar! There isn’t any schedule too full that can’t be solved with some dedicated time with those you love. This mom will make sure that you get plenty of attention from her by taking the time to spend it with you.

Gift ideas:
This mom is happiest when everyone is together. It could be a huge event or a picnic in the yard—it doesn’t matter. But time spent with her loved ones is time well spent. A slight variation might be to schedule one-on-one time with Mom. Everyone gets to take a turn over the week to do something special with the woman of honor. She’ll love every minute of it.

Speaking as a mom, don’t stress. No matter what you do, we’ll love the fact that you took some time and energy to show us that you care. But not all moms are alike, so thank the woman God has placed in your life by considering her individually and by showing her that you think she’s one-of-a-kind.


Still pondering? For a few more ideas, check out our Mother’s Day page with moms in mind.



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