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Great Games to Get Teens Up and Moving This Summer

Coming up with fun, engaging, and faith-based activities for teenagers is a tough task. It seems like in today’s day and age, teenagers and young adults would rather spend hours scrolling through Instagram than interacting with their peers. Since we know how tough it is to dream up these activities, we decided to brainstorm for you and create our own list!

Candy Engineering

This activity is tons of fun and gets teenagers moving and communicating right away. All you need are bags of different kinds of candy, some toothpicks, and a measuring tape. Sort the participants into teams of four or five depending on how many are involved in the activity and give them the goal of building the tallest candy structure in only 10 minutes!

This is a great activity to relate back to Christ with a simple devotional. In this case, just like how the candy structure couldn’t stand without a firm foundation, we will not be able to stand without Jesus as our foundation.

Diversity Cupcakes

Sometimes teenagers may think that no one could understand them or what they are going through, but this activity will show them that they are not alone, and that they might have something in common with their peers that they had not known. Give each participant an undecorated cupcake. Then have them decorate their cupcake with different colors of frosting or sprinkles that coincide with an attribute or life situation. Maybe blue frosting represents younger siblings, orange frosting shows an interest in athletics, and green sprinkles an interest in art. The possibilities are endless!

God made each and every one of us special and according to His design. Sometimes it may seem as if no one understands us, but through this activity, not only will the teens realize that they have more in common with their peers than they thought, but also that God loves them for all their unique qualities.

Water Balloon Games

Nothing gets teenagers more excited than water balloons. But there is more to these summer icons than just water balloon fights. One unique way to utilize water balloons is to team up with a friend and have a match of water balloon toss! All you need is a beach towel, a buddy, and some water balloons. Pair up the teens and have each of them hold an end of the beach towel. Toss a water balloon into the towel and have the pairs launch the balloons to the other team and try to catch it before it hits the ground!

It may not seem like water balloons have anything to do with Christ, but hear me out. During this activity you most likely will find that even though the goal is to not get splashed by the water balloons, everyone wants to get wet! Just like we want to be washed of our sins by Jesus!

The Human Knot

This game is a hit with teenagers and will definitely become a staple in your ice breaker roster. The game is simple. Gather up into a circle, and grab the hands of two different people who are not standing next to you. Once everyone has a hand, have the group try to untangle themselves without dropping hands. Participants might need to go over of under arms, but it is possible to untangle themselves back into a circle.

This game comes with a clear message: Without teamwork and trust you never will be able to succeed!

Get-to-Know-You Web

This is another simple game to do with a group of teenagers. All you need is a ball of yarn and a listening ear. Have the group sit in a circle either on the floor or on chairs and have one person start holding the end of the yarn in one hand and the ball of yarn in the other. The person who starts with the end of yarn will ask a positive question and then throw the ball of yarn to someone in the circle. Once someone catches the yarn they will answer the question and come up with their own question. Repeat this process of holding the yarn in one hand and tossing the ball of yarn with the other until the yarn is gone, and a web is formed in the middle.

This is such a fun and easy get-to-know-you game. You can repeat the game multiple times with different themes of questions, such as faith-based questions, or “Would You Rather” type questions, or come up with your own themes!


Written by

Emily Breytung


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