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Behind the Scenes of the House of Living Stones Audiobook

Concordia Publishing House just released the audiobook version of House of Living Stones. Author Katie Schuermann shared her thoughts on what it was like to record the audiobook.

The residents of Bradbury are literally going to come alive for the listeners of this audiobook. Mrs. Scheinberg, Emily Duke, Alice Gardner, Ben Schmidt—all of the characters that we know and love—are going to make us laugh and cry right along with them.

Recording House of Living Stones was good, hard, thrilling work. My mornings were spent recording an average of four to five chapters a day in studio at Lutheran Public Radio, and my afternoons and evenings were then spent preparing the next day’s chapters. Pronunciations needed to be checked, music needed to be composed and learned, and—probably the most challenging part of the entire process—voice inflections needed to be decided upon and practiced for each of Bradbury’s residents.

I think being a singer helped with this whole process. The voice naturally wants to fatigue after minutes of reading aloud, but good posture, ample breath support, and utilizing the voice’s entire range helped to keep the pump primed for hours at a time.

Some of the characters’ voices, out of physical necessity, came out of my lips sounding different than they did in my head when I originally wrote them. It is those differences, however, that have become my favorites in the audiobook. The creative process is exciting that way, and the recording process did not disappoint in that regard.

I count it a great privilege to have served as both the author and narrator of this audiobook. I enjoyed recording House of Living Stones, and I hope all of you enjoy listening to it.

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