Each summer, Concordia Publishing House selects qualified students to participate in our nine-week internship program. Through this program, young members of the LCMS gain hands-on experience in various aspects of publishing, general business, and leadership development. This summer, CPH has selected four summer interns and two summer employees. Learn about them below!

    Concordia Publishing House Interns

    Pictured from left to right are our summer employees Carolina VonKampen and Emily Walton, followed by our summer interns Caitlin Copeland, Jonah Schultz, David Keating, and Nathaniel Jensen.

    Meet the Interns!

    Name: Caitlin Copeland

    School: Concordia University Texas (Woosh!)

    Year in School: Junior

    Major: Secondary education, content area English with Lutheran teaching

    Hometown: Houston, Texas

    Department at CPH: VBS

    How did you hear about the internship program, and what made you apply? I heard about the program through an email I received from our head of missions department at CTX. My roommate also forwarded the email to me and said it sounded like something I would like! It’s funny because a couple days before I had heard about the internship, I had prayed that God would show me what He wanted me to accomplish this summer. Before I heard about the internship, I was planning to work at a camp but was not too enthusiastic about it for this summer. I am definitely thankful for the opportunity God afforded me at CPH!

    What’s your favorite part about the CPH internship program so far? I like that there is always something to do and someone to help. I also love the people; that goes for employees and the other interns. They have made the transition from Texas to St. Louis very enjoyable.

    Favorite Bible verse? Proverbs 16:9: “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps” (NIV).

    One fun fact about you: I have an identical twin sister.


    Name: Jonah Schultz

    School: Concordia University Chicago

    Year in School: Senior

    Major: Secondary Ed. English—Lutheran Teacher Educator

    Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas

    Department at CPH: Public Relations

    How did you hear about the internship program, and what made you apply? I heard about the internship program from one of my professors in an email to a Listserv I almost never read. I’m so lucky I happened to read that email, because this experience has been incredible. I initially wanted to apply for the internship just to have a summer job. But then I researched CPH and looked into the internships they offered. I was thrilled with what I saw—it seemed as though interns were treated like important contributors to a high-level organization. This proved true as I found myself working on important projects my first day on the job. I’m so glad I read that email, and I hope that this amazing program will be publicized in the future so that more students have an opportunity like CPH has offered me.

    What’s your favorite part about the CPH internship program so far? I really enjoy working with my co-workers on a variety of projects, and my favorite part of this program so far is this inclusive sense of family. CPH functions as a family of sorts—a microcosm of the Christian family. Everyone supports one another, loves one another, and eats A LOT of food together. Like all families, I’m sure fights happen from time to time, but in our family at CPH the focus is always on sacrificing for one another and finding new ways to share the love of Christ in all of the work we do. The best part may be that we are a family, but a close second is the feeling of being a member of this family. I feel comfortable using “we” and “our” when I talk about “us.” I don’t think that’s typical for a nine-week intern.

    Favorite Bible verse? Romans 1:16a: “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” (ESV).

    One fun fact about you: I am rather obsessed with pens. I won’t use ballpoint pens anymore. I usually use only fountain pens—preferably with a fine-point nib (Japanese manufactured are better)—and will use another kind only if I must. I’ve even made my own fountain pens using a lathe. I was going to launch into a description of my favorite kinds of fountain pen, but I think you get the point.


    Name: David Keating

    School: Concordia University, Nebraska

    Year in School: Recent graduate

    Major: Theology

    Hometown: Center Moriches, New York

    Department at CPH: Sunday School Curriculum

    How did you hear about the internship program, and what made you apply? A professor at Concordia, Nebraska, told me about the opportunity. I use CPH resources so frequently, and I wanted to get a look at how the company worked from the inside.

    What’s your favorite part about the CPH internship program so far? All of the fantastic people that I’ve met. It’s been such a welcoming environment!

    Favorite Bible verse? Joshua 1:9

    One fun fact about you: I used to act and have appeared as an extra in CSI: NY, Music and Lyrics, and quite a few commercials!


    Name: Nathaniel Jensen

    School: Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana

    Year in School: Sem. II

    Major: In college, I majored in German and theological languages at Concordia University Wisconsin.

    Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

    Department at CPH: Book Production

    How did you hear about the internship program, and what made you apply? I heard about it from a former intern. The tasks sounded intriguing, and being home for the summer has its benefits.

    What’s your favorite part about the CPH internship program so far? Getting to know the people and processes behind the scenes. I’ve shopped at CPH for years, so it’s fun to see where the books actually come from.

    Favorite Bible verse? Romans 3:28

    One fun fact about you: This is my first internship, but I worked in the archives and library at Concordia University Wisconsin, at Concordia Historical Institute last summer, and in the library at Fort Wayne.



    They liked it so much they came back for more!

    Last month, we welcomed back two of our 2015 summer interns as summer employees.


    Name: Carolina VonKampen

    School: Concordia University, Nebraska

    Year in School: Senior

    Major: English and history (NOT education)

    Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    Department at CPH: Curriculum Resources

    What made you want to come back to CPH? I had such a fun time with my fellow interns last year as we worked together during the workday and explored St. Louis in our free time, and I learned so much from working as an editorial intern and being in a publishing house. I’m so blessed to be back at CPH for another summer—I’ve already gotten so much more valuable editorial experience, and it’s good to be back with familiar faces.

    How did you initially hear about the internship program, and what made you apply? I was searching for editorial internships and found the internship listings on the CPH website. CPH seemed like a safe Christian environment to get my first experience in an editorial department, and St. Louis looked like a fun place to live for the summer.

    What’s your favorite thing about CPH? I love how people treat one another like family. Everyone goes out of their way to be nice to you, help you, and make you feel welcome. Even after I left CPH after my internship last summer, people still kept in contact and offered help and advice. Also, food days are pretty awesome.

    Favorite Bible verse? 1 Timothy 4:12

    One fun fact about you: I studied abroad in Rome, Italy, and Wittenberg, Germany, this spring semester.


    Name: Emily Walton

    School: Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida

    Year: I graduated in May, and I’m getting ready to start my first semester of graduate school.

    Major: In college, I studied communication studies (public relations) and music (voice performance).

    Hometown: Celebration, Florida

    Department at CPH: Public Relations

    What made you want to come back to CPH? I had such a great time working here last summer! I learned so much in my time here, and it felt great to be a part of such meaningful work. CPH is also just a really fun environment to work in.

    How did you initially hear about the internship program, and what made you apply? I found out about the internship while looking through the CPH website one day. I had a couple of internships before this one, but I thought it would be awesome to intern for a company whose mission I believe in so deeply and whose work is so important. I also really wanted to move to St. Louis for the summer. I have grandparents here, and it’s been so nice to spend so much time with them.

    What’s your favorite thing about CPH? My favorite thing about CPH is definitely the people here. Everyone is so nice, and they have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome.

    Favorite Bible verse? So many, but if I had to pick, I would probably choose all of Psalm 23.

    One fun fact about you: I’m going to grad school for opera in August!


    More about the CPH internship program:

    The intent of this program is to provide practical experience in various aspects of publishing and general business as well as leadership development. The focus will be on the Concordia University System; however, students from other colleges and universities who meet all requirements and are an active member of an LCMS congregation will be considered. Interns will work on active projects. A secondary objective will be to identify potential candidates for future career opportunities at Concordia Publishing House.

    Students must be nominated by a professor from their college or university. Students should submit their CV and one or more letters of recommendation from a professor by the deadline posted on the CPH website. Past interns have worked in areas including digital copywriting, editorial intern (VBS), editorial curriculum, multimedia, IT, music, PR/publicity, and professional and academic book production.

    All internships are paid and can count for three hours of college credit.

    Check the CPH website for the latest updates on our internship program.

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